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I love my diaper sprayer! I just keep my wet bag in the bathroom. The sprayer is great for cleaning out the baby potty too.- Kristin

We have a sprayer. We use liners so most of the time there is no need for the sprayer, but when the liner shifts and there is sticky poop on the diaper itself, the sprayer rocks!!! We wash about every other day. I don’t really notice the diapers getting anymore smelly once they are wet from being sprayed. We take them down to the basement though. I’ve used it for other things that need to be rinsed out in the bathroom too, like the tub! My husband did think it was kind of hard to install. The directions were easy but he broke a piece that goes to the toilet. User error :)I would totally recommend getting one because when I need it, I’m VERY glad I have it! - Sonya

We’ve sprayed from the beginning, even just breast milk poop. We used a communal apartment laundry room and wanted to be able to reassure people that we had already washed the poop off the diapers. Also, sometimes when we didn’t spray a wipe or anything like that, we waited too long to wash and then the dried poop stayed on through the wash stuck to the diaper or wipe–gross! The unsprayed diapers were also much more likely to stain. Overall using the sprayer for poop let us wait longer between washes and made me feel better as just another step toward making the diapers clean.

we just got one. the “what to do with the wet diaper” thing didn’t hit me until I sprayed my first diaper. ugh. but we use g diapers, so I just set the wet insert into the snap-in liner and move it to the laundry bag that way. we keep our bag next to the toilet, which cuts down on travel, too. but I do love our diaper sprayer! - Christina F.

I couldn’t imagine cding without one! - Lbs

My daughter is on a daily dose of Miralax, so we rarely (if ever) have the ‘flick, roll, pop’ kind of diapers! Both my husband and I find the diaper sprayer to be a huge help. Mind you, we still have to get more involved on occasion, but for the most part, the sprayer gets the job done. Our diaper pail is in the bathroom, so moving the wet diaper is not much of an issue. And as for smell, it never crossed my mind that there would be a difference :) - Nikole H.

would not be so enthusiastic about cloth diapering if I didn’t have one! I got mine about a month in, and it makes all the difference in the world! lol The day it came I was going to wait for my husband to hook it up when he got home, but then DD had the grossest poop EVER and so I went ahead and attempted it myself. It was super-duper easy to install. It cleans so much more of the poop off. And after I spray, I just roll up the diaper and wring it out. DD’s bedroom is right next door, so I just pop around the corner and toss it in the pail, and then I wash my hands (though I do have a hanging bag that I could start keeping in the bathroom). It is the coolest thing, essential for our family, worth the cost, and I absolutely recommend getting one to my friends that are considering cloth. - Robin

We use a diaper sprayer. Have had it since our first son. It is invaluable! Our boys are healthy poopers, plus it also comes in handy for rinsing out the froggy potty during potty training. We wash diapers every other day and have never noticed any smell. - Holly White

I would not still be CDing if I did not have my diaper sprayer. The first time I had to use it, I was way more than grossed out and I can’t imagine dunking. I’m a wimp when it comes to poopy diapers! [🙂] I would wholeheartedly recommend one. I have never noticed more of a stink after spraying the diapers. I also now have my diaper pail in my bathroom along with the changing table. It makes things quite easy! - Melanie

Such a BRILLiant idea… there is so much to learn about cloth dipering.. thank you soo much! - Jeanna Pelton

I have loved our diaper sprayer. I have a nearly three-year-old and a nearly one-year-old and the one-year-old’s poop is more solid than the three-year-old’s. Which means that I’ve been changing toxic mushy poop for a long time. This is not a case of using a little toilet paper to get it off the diaper. So my diaper sprayer has been really helpful. I keep our diaper pail and a pair of rubber gloves in the bathroom and I wear the rubber gloves while I spray. The diaper sprayer comes with quite a kick, by the way. Once I’m satisfied that there’s enough poop off of the diaper I can squeeze the extra water off while I’m wearing the gloves. I pull the diaper pail over a couple of feet so that I don’t even have to worry about drips on the floor.
A friend gave me the diaper sprayer after she decided she didn’t want to do cloth anymore. Before that I was swishing and using the force from the toilet water coming in to get the poop off. That worked fine, but it was a pain to have to wait a while for the tank to fill up after the toilet had flushed if there was still more poop to get off.
Installation is not too difficult. The most important thing is to turn off the water before unhooking things. The water going into the toilet is very forceful and it would be a huge mess if you forgot. - Marcelaine

I seriously do not know what we would do without our diaper sprayer!!! - Lisa Cooper

We just installed a diaper sprayer last week and LOVE it! I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner! It helps so much with those stickier than ever poops!- FelIcia R

I love our sprayer! As others have mentioned I’ve found it comes in handy for more than just diapers. We’re also lucky enough to have room in our bathroom for a diaper pail, so no transporting drippy diapers. - Christine Kangas

I installed mine all by myself…it was daunting to me at first…I was going to ask my dad to do it for me but I thought i would try to learn a lil bit about plumbing…10 min later it was installed no leaks or issues….It is one of the things that have kept me using cloth it is a life saver we love our diaper sprayer! my mom is still intimidated when it comes to changing poopy diapers….but shes going to end up having to do it someday when im not there so she’ll learn! - Ashley

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